Let’s make the world a happier place, together

stretchy strings

Our BunMo journey began with silly, stretchy string that a friend recommended and nobody wanted

We heard about this young man who was spending a small fortune on these stretchy strings that would calm his nerves, help him focus in class and reduce his behavioral issues.

Fidgets to Sensory and Back

Our fans loved our stretchy strings, we added glow in the dark strings, super stretchy and the sensory mother-load: Our textured Super Sensory strings.

Our major hit – Poppin’ Pipes, an auditory sensory toy has cemented our place as the worlds leader in sensory & figet toys, with new products being developed every month.

bunmo logo
We’re fun, we’re silly, we care

Our mission is to reduce stress & anxiety around the world. To achieve this, we keep our margins low to make our products affordable for low income earners and those getting by on the minimal pension our government provides. 

We also donate thousands of products to schools, OT’s, disability organisations and community centers.

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